Our Story

I’ve been a woodworker since I was a teenager, making a desk, side table and several home décor items before I graduated high school.  In college, I studied architectural drafting and construction management, which gave me an understanding and appreciation of well-laid plans and project management.  I’ve always wanted to run my own business, so this adventure is the fulfillment of one of my lifelong dreams. 

Another dream of mine was fulfilled when I built my own home.  Combining the education I received, with my desire to work with my hands, my wife and I purchased farmland in South Dakota and developed it into a homestead to be proud of with a beautiful view.  My love of nature and South Dakota shines through in many of my designs.  Read each description as you browse our inventory to get the story behind the designs.
My wife says I have super-senses, especially eyesight and spatial relations, which means I have an eye for detail. I’m a bit of a perfectionist as well, so you can expect the highest quality and craftsmanship from anything I make.