Product Care Guide

Congratulations on your new Lone Wolf Wood Designs Furniture or Home Product!

By visiting this page, you are showing your desire to preserve your heirloom quality item to be passed down for generations.  We appreciate your commitment to maintaining your investment.    


  • DO NOT put your wood product in the dishwasher
  • DO NOT submerge or soak a wood product in water
  • DO NOT place your wood items in the microwave or in direct contact with a hot stove top
  • Use a soft cotton cloth with lukewarm water and a mild soap, if needed, to clean and dry immediately

Food Safe Finished Products

Lone Wolf Wood Designs encourages our customers to use their boards.  Many people never get the experience of using their new boards as they’re afraid they will damage it.  Don’t be afraid to use your board as this will give it character and tell a story of its use while cooking for or entertaining your family and friends. 

  • Knife marks cannot be removed, when cutting on your board, distribute your cutting over the entire surface so that your board will wear evenly
  • Be aware acidic foods strip away the finish faster
  • We recommended applying our board conditioner (or another food-safe mineral oil and wax blend) monthly to keep your wood product in top condition. If your wood product becomes dry, or you want to refinish it, we recommend Lone Wolf Wood Designs board conditioner as it will blend better with the remaining finish on the wood product

Food Safe Product Refinishing

  • Clean your wood product with mild soap and warm water
  • Apply Lone Wolf Wood Designs board conditioner or another food-safe mineral oil and wax finish with a soft cotton cloth
  • Wait 15-30 minutes
  • Repeat if desired or if wood is abnormally dry
  • Wipe away excess finish
If you are unsure of the finish used on your item, please refer to the product webpage or contact us directly